Earthrace is a non-profit that works on various conservation missions around the world that save animals and save habitat. Campaigns target wildlife smugglers, wildlife poachers, illegal logging and illegal fishing. We’ve completed 2 seasons of our TV Show “The Operatives” that raises awareness about important conservation issues. We run training camps for government teams and NGOs involved in wildlife protection. We promote conservation issues through public speaking and social media. We’re building a 60m Superboat “EARTHRACE-2” to become our new ocean patrol vessel and base of operations. Below are some cool videos highlighting our work, and the images above will link you with our history, past and present campaigns, our new boat, and lots more. Below are a few videos highlighting some of our work. Plus beneath these is a list of some of our successful missions.

This is the original trailer for our TV Show “The Operatives“, that has now aired in over 90 countries around the world. Scattered through this website you will find lots of videos, many of them taken from our TV Show, or from other missions.

Captain Bethune recently gave a TEDx talk, and we were asked to produce an uplifting 3 minute video to play after his address. This is the resulting video above, with almost all the footage coming from our TV show and missions. We will post his full talk as soon as TED release the video.

Above is our Eel competition video. The Longfin Eel of New Zealand is a most extraordinary animal, and yet despite being threatened, they are still commercially harvested. We’re running a competition for the best video and best photo to help raise awareness about this apex predator. More

Our Amazon campaign started looking into the decline of Pink Dolphin, but ended up heading into the dangerous world of wildlife smuggling, that saw Captain Bethune stabbed in Brazil. The video above was the first one we made in a series of 60 videos, highlighting the many problems Amazon wildlife face. More

Successful Missions
– Closed 2 illegal wildlife smuggling rings in Asia
– Closed several illegal gold mining operations in Costa Rica
– Exposed the brutal seal clubbing industry in Namibia
– Caught 6 boats fishing illegally in the Cocos Island Marine Protected Area
– Caught a vessel bottom trawling illegally in the Guanancaste Marine Protected Area
– Caught several pirate fishing vessels, including the “Dan Israel R” in the Philippines
– Exposed 2 Illegal logging operations in National Parks in Indonesia
– Successfully captured, rehabilitated and released a dolphin being held illegally

To see more, go to the campaigns section and you will find lots of videos and content about these and other missions.

Captain Bethune was recently featured in a “Tales from NZ” documentary. Above is the resulting video. While it’s more focused on the Captain and his personal journey, it is still a great summary of a lot of work that Earthrace does.

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