What We Do

“The Operatives” Conservation TV Series

The TV Show “The Operatives”, involves Pete and the team tackling hard targets in conservation. The missions are filmed, and the resulting show, now preparing for a third Season, has aired in many countries around the World, including USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and Brazil. It highlights conservation issues we believe are worthy of increased exposure.  Below is the trailer for Season II, and here are links for Season I and Season II episode previews.  Both series can also be purchased for online viewing here

Conservation Missions

Our conservation missions are mostly run by Pete Bethune’s team.  These have resulted in a large number of successful Arrests and Prosecutions for a whole range of wildlife and environmental crimes.  Many animals have also been rescued, rehabilitated or released because of our work.  A number of the missions have been filmed as part of “The Operatives” TV Series.  Below are links to the 4 main areas of our missions where you can see selected video clips.

Local Conservation Campaigns

We run local conservation campaigns, mostly with Volunteers, in various countries. These may involve the protection of endangered species, Beach Cleanups, School Outreach Programs, Public education or Rallies. Below is a video on our Costa Rica Turtle Volunteer Campaign which had been running since 2013 with a local partner. Since then over 70,000 turtles have been saved and released as a result of our work.

  Conservation Vessel Under Development

We have recently contracted Lomocean Naval Architects to develop a new vessel to become our maritime base of operations, and to extend our maritime surveillance and outreach programs. The vessel will be one of the most extraordinary vessels ever made, and will leverage off the original Earthrace vessel design and history. There are many opportunities for people to be part of this project – from volunteering during the build, crewing aboard the vessel, assisting during port tours an even owning a time share on the vessel. Click here for more details.

Influencing Government Policy
We have also run a number of campaigns looking to change government policy. We worked for example with the government of Trinidad and Tobago in banning turtle hunting. This involved meeting locally with fishermen, government ministers and media, convincing them of the merit in ceasing the turtle hunting. Below is a news item run locally at the time. In many ways it was the linking with media that pressured the government into taking action.

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