Watson’s crazy allegations

I was disheartened last week when people started messaging me Watson’s latest nonsense alleging my knifing in Brazil was all a fabrication. It’s not the first time he’s posted to his many followers such vitriolic lies. And it is most ironic, given Watson’s long history of lying and faking stuff. Watson’s main evidence was because […]

Pete Jungle website

New Zealand Conservationist Knifed in Brazil

Captain Pete Bethune of Earthrace Conservation was this morning attacked by 2 men, one if them with a knife, in the port city of Santander in Brazil. Bethune says one of the men lunged at him with a knife, while a second man came from behind.  A fight ensued for several minutes, during which Bethune […]

The last of the Vaquita are to be rounded up and placed in captivity

US Navy to assist captivity of the last Vaquita

Just announced – U.S. Navy-trained dolphins and their handlers arrived in Mexico Thursday to participate in a last-ditch effort to catch, enclose and protect the last few dozen surviving Vaquita porpoises. Despite Mexico’s campaign to help the species, which are the world’s smallest and rarest type of porpoises, and live only in the Gulf of […]


Endangered Turtle Died from Plastic

More than a litre of plastic has been found inside a turtle that washed up in Northland. The critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle was found near Mangonui in August. It was underweight and weak but had no external injuries. Auckland Zoo resident vet, Dr Lydia Uddstrom, says despite best efforts over 13 days of intensive care, […]

Sad ending for a magnificent animal

Aussies kill Monster Crocodile

The largest crocodile seen in decades in Queensland was found dead over the weekend with a bullet in it’s head. We claim we want to save our wildlife, yet Governments and Citizens alike still show zero tolerance for animals that pose risk to humans, even when in the territory they’ve occupied for millennia. The problem […]

NZ not immune to Fake News in elections

Fake News rears its head in NZ Election

It’s been disconcerting watching the NZ election. Despite our isolation, it seems we are not immune to the fake news cycles that have increasingly plagued elections overseas. There’s a few reasons why “Fake News” has become so prevalent, but it is a shame when it impacts at the very heart of our democracy. In the […]


The real cost of Harvey / Irma not what you think

I’ve been pondering all the damage that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have done. The real cost will not be financial, but rather environmental, although not in the way you might immediately think. Analysts are suggesting the financial bill may exceed $100bn. A lot of money in anyone’s language. State and federal governments will chip in, […]

Scenes like this are going to become more common around the world

Will USA now accept climate change?

It is ironic that Houston and Florida bore the brunt of 2 storms of biblical proportions. These two regions remain at the forefront of climate change denial – Houston is the capital of the World’s oil industry, while Floridian politicians continue to remove references to climate change from their statutes and texts. I don’t celebrate […]

How far do you think this guy walked before shooting his Lion?

Africa’s Big Game Hunting Bullshit

A big game hunting website popped up in my news feed the other day. I’ve been researching African wildlife and some robot in a Russian computer had decided I’d perhaps like to try big game hunting. “Come on a Beginners Big Game Hunting Safari”, the headline screamed at me. Now I know many people who […]

Help us save Pink Dolphin in the Amazon

Volunteer on the Amazon Pink Dolphin Campaign

Come help us save the pink dolphin! We’re taking a group of dedicated Volunteers deep into the Amazon Jungle to work against the many threats facing the Pink Dolphin. Below are details on the campaign, which starts in October. Many people say they want to save dolphins – Only a lucky few ever manage to […]

Japanese vessel Nisshin Maru processing whales in Antarctica

SSCS Abandons Japanese Whaling

I was surprised to hear Sea Shepherd announce their withdrawal from the battle to stop Japanese whaling. It takes deep pockets and driven volunteers to venture to Antarctica, and frankly, there are few organizations capable of making the commitment. To put it in perspective, the MY Bob Barker alone burns around half a million dollars […]

South Australia's Shark Cull has been widely ridiculed by Scientisits

Cape Cod Shark Cull Lunacy

I am livid after reading the County Commissioner of Barnstable’s stupid shark cull proposal for Cape Cod. He has proposed what he calls a “localized shark hazard mitigation strategy” that would involve luring and killing sharks that “lurk too close to the Cape’s popular swimming beaches”. “Tagging the sharks and studying them is all well […]

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