“The Operatives” TV Series follows Pete and his team of handpicked former military personnel as they take on hard targets in conservation. Including former Navy SEALs, French SAS and Marine Recon, the team tackles seal clubbers, shark finners, rhino poachers, wildlife smugglers and many more. This heart stopping show now in its second season, has aired in 15 countries, and is now also available online.
    The Earthrace Costa Rica Turtle campaign runs from July until September each year, and is open to Volunteers who gather freshly laid turtle eggs and relocate them to a safe hatchery. The program has been running since 2013, and to date, over 70,000 turtles have been safely hatched and released into the wild.
    Earthrace-2 is a new multi-purpose vessel being built to assist countries with marine conservation, fisheries enforcement, scientific research and public outreach. Based on the original Earthrace trimaran, it will be state of the art surveillance, pursuit and campaign vessel. The design phase is currently underway with a Kickstarter campaign being used to help fundraising (link to kickstarter campaign).
    The New Zealand Long Finned Eel may not be around for much longer. Found only in New Zealand waters, these amazing creatures are still being hunted commercially, despite government and scientific research showing their population to be in serious decline. We are petitioning the New Zealand government to call a halt to this commercial harvest. Click here to sign the petition.
Japan's whaling fleet now has guaranteed funding into the future

Japan Pushes for Commercial Whaling

In another sign of Japan’s intention to expand their whaling program, their Parliament today passed a bill which enshrines national funding for the heavily subsidized industry into the future. A spokesman claimed “This bill lays down the necessary matters to carry out scientific research whaling in a stable and continuous way, in order to carry […]


Trump did this while no-one was looking

While everyone was frothing over the Comey / Sessions material, Trump and his team slipped through reduced protection measures for whales and turtles. The Obama administration (yes I know not everyone liked him) had proposed measures in 2015 to reduce the bycatch of endangered animals, including whales, dolphins and turtles in fishing gear. The new […]

Arrested crew of the "Dan Israel R".  The vessel was allegedly using banned Danish Seine Trawl gear in the Philippines.

Philippines Fishery on the verge of Collapse

After recently assisting in the Philippines on Fisheries Patrols, I have real concerns that their fishery hangs in the balance.  There are so many warning signs that a collapse is imminent, but little wonder when you understand the many factors impacting this crucial resource.   Part of the challenge though is the problems are systemic, widespread […]

Pirate fishing vessel the "Dan Israel R" being escorted into Manila

Earthrace helps capture Pirate Fishing Vessel

A pirate fishing vessel was recently apprehended while fishing within Municipal waters of Philippines for among other alleged violations, being in possession of “Danish Seine” trawling equipment.  Such active fishing gear was banned in 2014 in the Philippines due to its destructive nature. Since then it has become a target for Bureau of Fisheries and […]

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart’s Family to Sue Dive Instructor

Breaking News. The family of Rob Stewart this morning announced they are suing for the wrongful death of their son. In a statement, the parents say they hope it will lead to changes within the Dive Industry to prevent such tragic deaths from happening in the future. Court action has been filed against various parties. […]

Vince (pictured here) was shot 3 times in the head at a Paris Zoo today

Rhino Poached in Paris Zoo

A rhinoceros at a zoo near Paris was shot three times in the head on Monday night by poachers who then cut off its horn with a chainsaw.  The four-year-old rhinoceros, named Vince, was found dead this morning by keepers at Thoiry Zoo, to the west of the French capital. One or more poachers are […]


The True Cost of Trump’s Wall

The debate over President Trump’s wall with Mexico has unsurprisingly focused on the financial cost and who will pay for it, however from my perspective the real cost will be environmental.  A 2,000-mile wall that’s 50 feet tall with 15 feet underground and one-foot thick would require 19.4 million cubic meters of concrete and 4.6 […]


Has Japan completed it’s Whale Quota?

I’ve got a few journalists I correspond with in Japan, and I had an interesting conversation with one of them last night.  He claimed their whaling fleet has already caught their 333 minke whales for this year, making it 2 seasons in a row Japan has taken their quota of whales from the Southern Ocean […]


Huge Artwork to be Auctioned for Conservation

Huge Donated Artwork to be Auctioned for Conservation An extraordinary oil painting of the Milford Sound by New Zealand landscape artist Caley Hall, is being auctioned with the proceeds going towards Earthrace Conservation’s new vessel Earthrace-2 The massive painting which measures 2.46m x 1.42m (approx. 8ft x 4.5ft) will be auctioned by respected auction house […]

This orca has been in captivity for 24 years in Argentina

Letter to Orca Show Owner

Below is the open letter I’ve sent to Gloria Mendez (the owner) at Mundo Marino in Argentina, who have a captive orca (Kshamenk) and ten dolphin used in shows. Dear Gloria Mendez I visited Mundo Marino 2 weeks ago and as we discussed, I’m sending you an open letter with my thoughts on your operation, […]

500 Volunteers working to save the pilot whales

Massive Rescue Effort Underway

RESCUE UPDATE:  A massive rescue effort was underway yesterday in New Zealand where 400 Pilot whales have beached themselves.  500 Volunteers turned up to find around 300 whales already dead.  Of those that survived, around 50 were re-floated on yesterday’s high tide, however tragically, these beached themselves again last night. In a move that will […]

Sharks have lost their Greatest Champion.

A Tribute to Rob Stewart

The tragic death of Rob Stewart is a timely reminder that we are all on borrowed time on this earth. It is always a shame to see someone so young pass away, but doubly so when you consider the huge achievements of Rob, and the ambitious plans he held for the future. In many ways […]

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