“The Operatives” TV Series follows Pete and his team of handpicked former military personnel as they take on hard targets in conservation. Including former Navy SEALs, French SAS and Marine Recon, the team tackles seal clubbers, shark finners, rhino poachers, wildlife smugglers and many more. This heart stopping show now in its second season, has aired in 15 countries, and is now also available online.
    The Earthrace Costa Rica Turtle campaign runs from July until September each year, and is open to Volunteers who gather freshly laid turtle eggs and relocate them to a safe hatchery. The program has been running since 2013, and to date, over 70,000 turtles have been safely hatched and released into the wild.
    Earthrace-2 is a new multi-purpose vessel being built to assist countries with marine conservation, fisheries enforcement, scientific research and public outreach. Based on the original Earthrace trimaran, it will be state of the art surveillance, pursuit and campaign vessel. The design phase is currently underway with a Kickstarter campaign being used to help fundraising (link to kickstarter campaign).
    The New Zealand Long Finned Eel may not be around for much longer. Found only in New Zealand waters, these amazing creatures are still being hunted commercially, despite government and scientific research showing their population to be in serious decline. We are petitioning the New Zealand government to call a halt to this commercial harvest. Click here to sign the petition.
Tourists Playing with White Lions at Lion Tree Top Lodge

White Lions escape and Kill Neighbor

A man has died of his injuries after being attacked by white lions that had escaped from their enclosure at Lion Tree Top Lodge in Hoedspruit, South Africa.  His friend was seriously injured and remains in hospital. The escaped lions made their way from Lion Tree Top Lodge to the neighboring property, Ngama Lodge, where […]

Cattle access to waterways is a major contributor to Degradation of Fresh Waters.

New Zealand’s Water Problems Just Starting

Problems with fresh water in New Zealand are just beginning, and in my opinion will continue to get worse unless our central government steps in.  Most Regional Councils have failed, deliberately or otherwise, to keep up with changing land and water use, and river quality is on a slippery slide downstream.  The solutions are staring […]

This was considered Entertainment - Today people increasingly see it as cruel

Ringling Bros Circus Closing Forever

An announcement that will surely be celebrated by many Animal people, Ringling Brothers announced over the weekend they will be closing down their circus operation.  After 146 years, the curtain is coming down on what owners termed “The Greatest Show on Earth”. The iconic American spectacle was felled by a variety of factors, company executives […]

Nisshin Maru Whale Processing Ship

Breaking News – Whale Slaughterhouse Found

The Japanese Whaling Processing ship (Nisshin Maru) has just been located in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Sea Shepherd reported this morning that they had filmed the vessel from their helicopter, and that a whale was part-processed on the main deck. It raises some interesting questions.  The Japanese did lose their court battle with Australia […]


Dairy Industry Rightfully loses Court Battle

Reliable as clockwork, and right on cue, DairyNZ – who pride themselves on speaking for the entire dairy industry – stepped up to the microphone and shot themselves in the head. What I describe as their venomous little mission to nail Greenpeace for their highly-effective dirty dairying ad has ended as it should have. The […]


SeaWorld Closing Orca Show

Breaking News:  SeaWorld has just announced that this Sunday will be the final Orca Show at San Diego.  It leaves many questions unanswered, but is a welcome victory for Blackfish, the many NGOs that have lobbied against SeaWorld, and the countless Volunteers that have protested outside Orca  Theme Parks. From the SeaWorld Press Release:  “Sunday, […]

Norway is looking to kill 3 of their 6 remaining Wolf Packs

Norway to Kill 2/3 of their Wolves

In yet another example of domesticated animals taking over a country, Norwegian officials on Friday approved the killing of 47 wolves, more than two-thirds of the population of about 68 wolves living in the country.  There are an estimated 2.5 million sheep in Norway, and Officials believe that each year up to 1,000 of these may be killed by […]


Free Riding on Conservation

A bloke called me this morning.  He asked me to help him raise funds for a boat so that he could in his words, “highlight the issue of plastics in the oceans”.  He wants to sail around the world and use social media to alert people to the problem.   I typically get one such call […]

Proposed Shipments to China included 10 live Orca to be captured off the Namibian Coast

Orca Capture Company Withdraws

The Chinese company we reported on a few months ago that wanted to capture live Orca, Dolphins, Seals, Penguins and other marine animals in Namibia and export them to Theme Parks in China has thankfully withdrawn from the project. In a most bizarre letter, the Russian Master of the Animal Transport Vessel dropped off a […]

The Stranded Orca - Lucky to be alive

Orca Rescue ends in Sacking

A Coromandel Harbourmaster has amazingly been stood down after saving an Orca which got its tail caught in a cray pot last night.   The Government Department responsible for any rescue attempt (DOC) was alerted at 9.30am yesterday. At 7pm it still could not get to the Orca so locals decided to get involved and […]

Last year 38,000 Babay seals were kille in the Canadian Seal "Harvest"

Senator Wants Seal Clubbing Revival

In the countries competing in the Dumb-Idea Category, Canada takes today’s prize.  Canadian Senator Celine Hervieux-Payettehas has proposed a “National Seal Products Day” to help stimulate demand for Seal Products.  Her Bill S-208 would designate May 20 to celebrate products derived from seal-clubbing. WTF. The European Union allows seal imports from the traditional northern Inuit […]


Dishonesty Trumping the Environment

Trump’s comments over the weekend regarding climate change are alarming.  President-elect Donald Trump said on Sunday that “nobody really knows” whether climate change is real.  Now I don’t think Trump is dumb.  In fact I think he is probably a very clever man.  However to make such claims in the face of copious amounts of […]

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