“The Operatives” TV Series follows Pete and his team of handpicked former military personnel as they take on hard targets in conservation. Including former Navy SEALs, French SAS and Marine Recon, the team tackles seal clubbers, shark finners, rhino poachers, wildlife smugglers and many more. This heart stopping show now in its second season, has aired in 15 countries, and is now also available online.
    The Earthrace Costa Rica Turtle campaign runs from July until September each year, and is open to Volunteers who gather freshly laid turtle eggs and relocate them to a safe hatchery. The program has been running since 2013, and to date, over 70,000 turtles have been safely hatched and released into the wild.
    Earthrace-2 is a new multi-purpose vessel being built to assist countries with marine conservation, fisheries enforcement, scientific research and public outreach. Based on the original Earthrace trimaran, it will be state of the art surveillance, pursuit and campaign vessel. The design phase is currently underway with a Kickstarter campaign being used to help fundraising (link to kickstarter campaign).
    The New Zealand Long Finned Eel may not be around for much longer. Found only in New Zealand waters, these amazing creatures are still being hunted commercially, despite government and scientific research showing their population to be in serious decline. We are petitioning the New Zealand government to call a halt to this commercial harvest. Click here to sign the petition.
In NZ, public pay 500 times as much for water compared to bottling companies

Water Wars – Greed versus Need

The battle for water is only going to worsen with growing populations, intensification of farming, and complicating factors such as climate change. The good news is global warming will result in increased rainfall due to higher evaporation rates from our oceans and seas. The bad news, this is predicted to fall mostly in what are […]

The 2m long model of Earthrace-2

Earthrace-2 Model completed

We’ve just completed a 2m model of the MV Earthrace-2. It certainly helps put this amazing boat in perspective. At 3 stories high and 60m (195 ft) long, she is going to be a real beast. I’ll be using the model in sponsor meetings, and perhaps taking it along to any talks that I give. […]

Rob Stewart

Coroner – Instructor Blamed for Rob Stewart’s Death

Famed Canadian documentary filmmaker and conservationist Rob Stewart died from drowning after succumbing to acute lack of oxygen — or hypoxia — at the surface of the ocean in late January, according to a Monroe County medical examiner’s report obtained by The Reporter/Keynoter. Stewart, 37, died while filming the next installment of his “Sharkwater” documentary […]

Pink dolphin are increasingly hunted for catfish bait

Pink Dolphin on slippery slope

The pink dolphin has been largely overlooked by conservation groups, despite so many issues pushing them towards extinction. Groundbreaking movie “The Cove” shone the spotlight on Taiji and the dolphin captivity industry. Endangered dolphins like the Vaquita in Mexico and Maui Dolphin in New Zealand both have ongoing awareness campaigns. The pink dolphin by contrast […]

This Six Flags Amusement Park is to close its Dolphin Shows in Mexico

Breaking News – Dolphin shows banned

I was most surprised to hear that Mexico City has just banned Dolphinariums. Or more specifically, they have banned dolphins being used for public spectacle, entertainment, therapy sessions, scientific investigation, training and education. Head of the Environmental Commission, Xavier López Adame, proposed the new law, and it has just been signed off by the Legislative […]

Fukushima has been a total environmental disaster

Japan to release radioactive tritium into Pacific

The operator of Japan’s paralyzed nuclear plant in Fukushima has applied to release water containing radioactive tritium into the Pacific Ocean. Fragile marine ecosystems are at stake here. Since the Fukushima disaster, contamination in the local marine food chain has been on ongoing issue. 40% of species remain unfit for consumption, according to Japanese standards, […]

Happier times: Enock Kafandada, centre, was killed by Mbanje the elephant, left, at Victoria Falls. Photo / Adventure Zone

Elephant kills handler – gets shot

An elephant that is usually giving tourists rides has today impaled his handler on the stick he used to control the animal. Enock Kufandada, 50, was charged, trampled and torn apart by a bull elephant called Mbanje in Zimbabwe before colleagues could come to his aid. Authorities then shot the animal dead. Elephants are wild […]

Japan's whaling fleet now has guaranteed funding into the future

Japan Pushes for Commercial Whaling

In another sign of Japan’s intention to expand their whaling program, their Parliament today passed a bill which enshrines national funding for the heavily subsidized industry into the future. A spokesman claimed “This bill lays down the necessary matters to carry out scientific research whaling in a stable and continuous way, in order to carry […]


Trump did this while no-one was looking

While everyone was frothing over the Comey / Sessions material, Trump and his team slipped through reduced protection measures for whales and turtles. The Obama administration (yes I know not everyone liked him) had proposed measures in 2015 to reduce the bycatch of endangered animals, including whales, dolphins and turtles in fishing gear. The new […]

Arrested crew of the "Dan Israel R".  The vessel was allegedly using banned Danish Seine Trawl gear in the Philippines.

Philippines Fishery on the verge of Collapse

After recently assisting in the Philippines on Fisheries Patrols, I have real concerns that their fishery hangs in the balance.  There are so many warning signs that a collapse is imminent, but little wonder when you understand the many factors impacting this crucial resource.   Part of the challenge though is the problems are systemic, widespread […]

Pirate fishing vessel the "Dan Israel R" being escorted into Manila

Earthrace helps capture Pirate Fishing Vessel

A pirate fishing vessel was recently apprehended while fishing within Municipal waters of Philippines for among other alleged violations, being in possession of “Danish Seine” trawling equipment.  Such active fishing gear was banned in 2014 in the Philippines due to its destructive nature. Since then it has become a target for Bureau of Fisheries and […]

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart’s Family to Sue Dive Instructor

Breaking News. The family of Rob Stewart this morning announced they are suing for the wrongful death of their son. In a statement, the parents say they hope it will lead to changes within the Dive Industry to prevent such tragic deaths from happening in the future. Court action has been filed against various parties. […]

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