“The Operatives” TV Series follows Pete and his team of handpicked former military personnel as they take on hard targets in conservation. Including former Navy SEALs, French SAS and Marine Recon, the team tackles seal clubbers, shark finners, rhino poachers, wildlife smugglers and many more. This heart stopping show now in its second season, has aired in 15 countries, and is now also available online.
    The Earthrace Costa Rica Turtle campaign runs from July until September each year, and is open to Volunteers who gather freshly laid turtle eggs and relocate them to a safe hatchery. The program has been running since 2013, and to date, over 70,000 turtles have been safely hatched and released into the wild.
    Earthrace-2 is a new multi-purpose vessel being built to assist countries with marine conservation, fisheries enforcement, scientific research and public outreach. Based on the original Earthrace trimaran, it will be state of the art surveillance, pursuit and campaign vessel. The design phase is currently underway with a Kickstarter campaign being used to help fundraising (link to kickstarter campaign).
    The New Zealand Long Finned Eel may not be around for much longer. Found only in New Zealand waters, these amazing creatures are still being hunted commercially, despite government and scientific research showing their population to be in serious decline. We are petitioning the New Zealand government to call a halt to this commercial harvest. Click here to sign the petition.
Tagging Orca and Sharks can lead to their death by Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Scientists Killing Whales & Sharks

I have serious concerns about Scientists that continue to put large satellite tags on Orca and Sharks. The recent death of an Orca in Canadian waters all but confirms what many people have been saying – that the risks of invasive tagging is significant, and in many cases leads to undue stress, infection, maiming and […]

Japan's Dead Fish Ice Rink

Backlash over Dead Fish Ice Rink

A Japanese theme park which froze 5,000 sea creatures into the floor of an ice rink was forced to close the attraction on Sunday after a public backlash.  You have to wonder what did they expect? Fish, crabs and other shellfish were embedded in the ice as part of a special winter attraction, called “Freezing […]

Nisshin Maru

Japanese Whalers set off for Antarctica

The Japanese whaling fleet yesterday left their port and are now on their way to Antarctica for another season of supposed Scientific Research.  This despite their loss 2 years ago in the highest court in the world that deemed their program unscientific and illegal. It begs the question “what will it take now to actually […]

The Bushmeat Trade in Africa

Bush Meat Trade threatens hundreds of Species with Extinction

The hunting of wildlife for bushmeat has become a “global crisis” that threatens to wipe out more than 300 species, or a quarter of all threatened terrestrial mammal species on Earth, a first-of-its-kind study released Wednesday warned. Among the world’s largest land mammals, 60 percent are at risk of extinction from human consumption, researchers found. […]

Dogs are increasingly abandoned in the streets at families struggle to feed them.

Dogs of Poverty in Venezuela

Venezuela, considered one of the countries with the largest reserves of energy on the planet is suffering the most brutal economic and social crisis in its history as a republic.  While much focus goes onto the misery of its people, Venezuelan pets are the forgotten victims in all this, as families abandon their animals out […]

This vessel will burn 168,000 litres of Diesel to get a record!

Kiwi Skipper Slams UK Record Bid as Green-Washing Scam

An Open letter to Alan Priddy and the sponsors of Team Britannia. By Captain Pete Bethune – For immediate release In 2008, I was fortunate enough to lead the Earthrace team in setting a new record for a powerboat to circle the globe, running biodiesel fuel made from waste cooking oils. When UK Sailor Alan […]

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.01.08 PM

China Targets Live Orca and Penguin in Africa

Not satisfied with endangered Turtles and fish in their Aquariums, a recent leak shows just how tenacious the Chinese have become in their quest for rare and exotic aquarium animals. Chinese company “Welwitschia Aquatic and Wildlife Scientific Research” has applied to the Namibian Government for the yearly live capture and export of the following animals. […]


Love for Long-Finned Eel – Finally.

One of the challenges facing Conservation groups is making the public care about animals that don’t look cute or cuddly. We faced it recently with a campaign to save the Long Finned Eel. Our petition after considerable time and pushing has just 16,000 signatures. Compare that with our petition to stop seal clubbing in Namibia, […]


Costa Rica – The Arribada & Harvesting of Turtle Eggs

This August saw Pete headed to Costa Rica to observe the Arribada and see exactly what is going on with the legal harvesting of the turtle eggs in Playa Ostional. Four times a year, ten days before the new moon from August to November, masses of olive ridley sea turtles simultaneously swim out of the […]


Bear Spearing wrong on so many levels

A hunter has caused outrage after filming himself spearing a black bear to death with a homemade weapon Josh Bowmar, 26, from Columbus, Ohio, can be seen celebrating after killing the bear while hunting in Alberta, Canada. But animal rights campaigners have condemned the killing, with the footage showing the bear sprinting away after the 7ft-long […]



A wildlife reserve and surrounding areas on Indonesia’s main western island of Sumatra were declared the country’s newest national park on Friday, part of the festivities for World Environment Day. Zamrud National Park is located in the Siak district of Riau province, whose vast peat swamp zones have been widely drained and dried for oil […]

ER2 copy

Earthrace Kickstarts New Boat

For immediate Release. 4th August 2016. By Earthrace Conservation Organisation Earthrace today released details of its successful Kickstarter campaign for designing its radical new conservation vessel. Earthrace CEO, Captain Pete Bethune, says the Kickstarter campaign raised just over US$90,000, nearly double what the non-profit organization was aiming for. He says, “With a few days to […]

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