Vince (pictured here) was shot 3 times in the head at a Paris Zoo today

Rhino Poached in Paris Zoo

A rhinoceros at a zoo near Paris was shot three times in the head on Monday night by poachers who then cut off its horn with a chainsaw.  The four-year-old rhinoceros, named Vince, was found dead this morning by keepers at Thoiry Zoo, to the west of the French capital. One or more poachers are […]


Has Japan completed it’s Whale Quota?

I’ve got a few journalists I correspond with in Japan, and I had an interesting conversation with one of them last night.  He claimed their whaling fleet has already caught their 333 minke whales for this year, making it 2 seasons in a row Japan has taken their quota of whales from the Southern Ocean […]


Huge Artwork to be Auctioned for Conservation

Huge Donated Artwork to be Auctioned for Conservation An extraordinary oil painting of the Milford Sound by New Zealand landscape artist Caley Hall, is being auctioned with the proceeds going towards Earthrace Conservation’s new vessel Earthrace-2 The massive painting which measures 2.46m x 1.42m (approx. 8ft x 4.5ft) will be auctioned by respected auction house […]

500 Volunteers working to save the pilot whales

Massive Rescue Effort Underway

RESCUE UPDATE:  A massive rescue effort was underway yesterday in New Zealand where 400 Pilot whales have beached themselves.  500 Volunteers turned up to find around 300 whales already dead.  Of those that survived, around 50 were re-floated on yesterday’s high tide, however tragically, these beached themselves again last night. In a move that will […]

Sharks have lost their Greatest Champion.

A Tribute to Rob Stewart

The tragic death of Rob Stewart is a timely reminder that we are all on borrowed time on this earth. It is always a shame to see someone so young pass away, but doubly so when you consider the huge achievements of Rob, and the ambitious plans he held for the future. In many ways […]

Cattle access to waterways is a major contributor to Degradation of Fresh Waters.

New Zealand’s Water Problems Just Starting

Problems with fresh water in New Zealand are just beginning, and in my opinion will continue to get worse unless our central government steps in.  Most Regional Councils have failed, deliberately or otherwise, to keep up with changing land and water use, and river quality is on a slippery slide downstream.  The solutions are staring […]

This was considered Entertainment - Today people increasingly see it as cruel

Ringling Bros Circus Closing Forever

An announcement that will surely be celebrated by many Animal people, Ringling Brothers announced over the weekend they will be closing down their circus operation.  After 146 years, the curtain is coming down on what owners termed “The Greatest Show on Earth”. The iconic American spectacle was felled by a variety of factors, company executives […]

Nisshin Maru Whale Processing Ship

Breaking News – Whale Slaughterhouse Found

The Japanese Whaling Processing ship (Nisshin Maru) has just been located in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Sea Shepherd reported this morning that they had filmed the vessel from their helicopter, and that a whale was part-processed on the main deck. It raises some interesting questions.  The Japanese did lose their court battle with Australia […]


SeaWorld Closing Orca Show

Breaking News:  SeaWorld has just announced that this Sunday will be the final Orca Show at San Diego.  It leaves many questions unanswered, but is a welcome victory for Blackfish, the many NGOs that have lobbied against SeaWorld, and the countless Volunteers that have protested outside Orca  Theme Parks. From the SeaWorld Press Release:  “Sunday, […]

The Stranded Orca - Lucky to be alive

Orca Rescue ends in Sacking

A Coromandel Harbourmaster has amazingly been stood down after saving an Orca which got its tail caught in a cray pot last night.   The Government Department responsible for any rescue attempt (DOC) was alerted at 9.30am yesterday. At 7pm it still could not get to the Orca so locals decided to get involved and […]

Japan's Dead Fish Ice Rink

Backlash over Dead Fish Ice Rink

A Japanese theme park which froze 5,000 sea creatures into the floor of an ice rink was forced to close the attraction on Sunday after a public backlash.  You have to wonder what did they expect? Fish, crabs and other shellfish were embedded in the ice as part of a special winter attraction, called “Freezing […]

The Bushmeat Trade in Africa

Bush Meat Trade threatens hundreds of Species with Extinction

The hunting of wildlife for bushmeat has become a “global crisis” that threatens to wipe out more than 300 species, or a quarter of all threatened terrestrial mammal species on Earth, a first-of-its-kind study released Wednesday warned. Among the world’s largest land mammals, 60 percent are at risk of extinction from human consumption, researchers found. […]

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