Earthrace 2 Kickstarter Campaign – Completed!


Earthrace Conservation is building a new vessel to extend its work on marine conservation. It will be used for the following:

* Maritime Missions in Conservation
* Anti-Poaching
* Fisheries Enforcement
* Scientific Research, linking with government agencies, NGOs and Research Institutions.
* Film a spinoff TV Series from “The Operatives”, that will follow missions the vessel and her crew undertake
* An outreach program including School tours, open days, boat shows and other events
* Influence government and companies in regions the vessel and her crew visit.

Vessel Design

The new vessel will be a high-tech showcase of the latest in maritime and surveillance technology. She will feature a Schiebel Helicopter Drone with 100nm range, ELINT electronic detection system and FLIR thermal Imaging. She will have 2 zodiacs, plus an amphibious vessel that is launched astern from a roll-off platform. A 30-person theater will serve as a briefing room before missions, but also for showing conservation material to school groups and the public during open days. But the most obvious thing about Earthrace-2 will be her form – She will be the most awe-inspiring vessel the world has ever seen.

Vessel Specifications

* Design: Tri-Hull Wavepiercer
* Construction: Sandwich composite
* Length: 59.3m (195 ft)
* Beam: 12m (39ft)
* Crew: 14
* Passengers 12 in addition to crew
* Accommodation: 26 people
* Range 10,000nm at 12 knots
* Tender Vessel: 7.7m (29ft) Sealegs Amphibious Vessel
* Designer: Lomocean Naval Architects kickstarter-badge

Based on a World Record Holder

Earthrace-2 is based on the original Earthrace vessel, a 24m power-trimaran designed by Lomocean In 2008 she set a new world record (that still stands today) for circling the globe running 100% renewable biodiesel fuel. In 2009 she was purchased by Ady Gil and taken to Antarctica, where she became the star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars TV Series. For a considerable period, Earthrace / Ady Gil was the world’s highest profile powerboat. In many ways Earthrace set the benchmark for uncompromising focus on efficiency, functionality and awesome good looks. Earthrace-2 is looking to repeat this, but with a much bigger vessel that will change the way the world views conservation.

Follow the journey as we design, fund, build, and launch this extraordinary new vessel. Click here and become a member of our Tribe!

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Help Fund the Development of this New Conservation Vessel
Earthrace-2 is under development but we really need your help to make it happen. This vessel will be used in Conservation and Animal Missions around the globe, plus in an outreach program. Please make a gift to help fund it's development!
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