Turtle Rescue Program

Mission to Catch Turtle Nest Poachers

Turtles are under threat worldwide due to various threats, and one of the main ones is Turtle Nest Poaching. An Earthrace team visited Costa Rica in 2013, and several missions were run on beaches with high levels of turtle nest raiding.  We ended up catching several Poachers in the act of raiding nests and from this also made an outstanding episode of Television highlighting the desperate plight of Turtles  (see clip above).

Join us on a Turtle Campaign

Since our first mission in 2013, we go back to Costa Rica each year and run a Volunteer Turtle Campaign that rescues turtle eggs and ensures the babies hatch out and make it to sea.  Over 70,000 turtles have now been rescued through these campaigns. Such work is crucial to ensuring Sea Turtles survive into the future.

The turtle-nesting season runs from late July until mid January. Volunteers are encouraged to ideally spend at least 2 weeks at the project of their choice. Stays beyond that are welcome. Below is a great little video showing you what its lime at the Turtle Beach

Volunteer Duties

• Patrol of beaches at night looking for turtle nests (3 hr shifts)
• Removing eggs from at-risk nests and relocating them to a hatchery
• Monitoring at night to ensure animal predators do not eat the eggs
• Monitoring the hatchery for nests hatching. Releasing of baby turtles
• Excavation of hatched nests to document hatch rates
• Preparation of gear for patrols
• Assisting with cooking, cleaning, hatchery maintenance
• Days (after chores) are usually free for exploring, swimming, sleeping, etc

Book your place with us now

Download PDF with all the information you’ll need to come to Costa Rica
To reserve your place email Gina Bryant: gina@earthrace.net
Places are limited so the sooner you get your spot reserved the better

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Our Turtle Hatchery Program needs your Help
The Turtle Program is now in it's 4th year. In that time, over 75,000 baby turtles have been successfully saved and released as a result of our work. Please help us with a tax deductible donation (In USA, UK and New Zealand)
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