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Illegal Fishing Campaign

Earthrace started campaigns against illegal fishing in 2011 when we traveled to Central America and Africa. Since then we have worked with various government agencies and NGOs. In most cases we partner with the local fisheries enforcement agency, but it may also be Police, Maritime Police, Navy or Army. In rare cases it can be an NGO concerned about local fish stocks. We will generally provide crew, vessels, airborne assets and training, while the local units provide manpower and legitimacy of operation.

Our Illegal Fishing Campaign has seen a number of arrests and vessel impounds in multiple countries.

Some of our Successful Fisheries Missions

• Shrimp Trawler fishing illegally in Marine Protected Area (Costa Rica)
• 7 Boats illegally Shark Finning in Marine Reserve (Cocos Island)
• Vietnamese Mothership a 3 Huka Boats found illegally fishing in Foreign Waters (Philippines)
• Multiple Chinese Boats found fishing illegally off Palawan (Philippines)
• Multiple Vessels from various countries found fishing illegally in West Africa
• Columbian Trawlers fishing illegally in Venezuelan waters

Our focus is firstly on arresting crew involved in illegal fishing and getting them prosecuted successfully. Secondly, there is an up-skilling of local fisheries units, and in many cases our own expertise is improved. Finally, many of the fisheries missions are filmed and made into episodes of our TV Series “The Operatives.” This helps tell the world what is really happening to global fish stocks through illegal fishing operations.

Our Illegal Fishing missions are ongoing and in need of funds, especially for fuel and vessel costs. So please donate to support our next fisheries campaign in Africa.

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Help our Ongoing Battle Against Illegal Fishing
Earthrace has run successful missions against illegal fishing in many areas, including Central America, Asia and Africa. The work requires considerable investment, especially in terms of fuel, airborne surveillance and vessels. Please support this ongoing work with a Tax deductibe Gift.
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