Help us Save the Long Finned Eel

Despite being threatened, Long Finned eels are still hunted commercially.

The Long Finned Eel may be ugly, but they are also most extraordinary. They are under threat from commercial fishing, and we’re asking for your support in saving this wonderful creature from extinction.

Why is the Long Finned Eel so Special?

• They can live to over 100 years, making them one of the oldest living creatures on Earth
• They are by far the largest fresh water eel in the World, with massive ones reported at up to 40kg (90 pounds!)
• Where they breed remains a mystery, but recent research suggests they travel thousands of kilometres to New Caledonia where they breed once, and then die.
• The baby eels take 18 months to travel on currents all the way back to New Zealand only, where they pass back up the rivers and streams where their mothers came from.
• The baby eels (Elvers) can travel up wet vertical rock faces
• Mature Eels can travel several kilometers over land
• The Long Finned Eel is New Zealand’s largest predator, and is also the Apex predator of the Fresh Waters.


Help our Eel Documentary

We’re filming a documentary about the eel and why they are so special. Earthrace Volunteers are mostly doing this, but we do have significant external costs in making it happen. So please donate to our Eel Documentary.

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Help Fund Our Long Finned Campaign
We're filming a Documentary to highlight the issue of Long Finned Eels and why they need better protection. Please support this documentary by making a tax deductible gift towards it. Most of the team are Volunteers, but we still have significant external costs to make this happen.
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