We are developing an awesome new vessel “EARTHRACE-2” to substantially extend our work in marine conservation. It will target illegal fishing by foreign vessels, waterborne wildlife smuggling, and training local fishery enforcement units – All extensions of existing campaigns on our vessel SPS Modoc. EARTHRACE-2 will run conservation missions such as island pest eradication, and scientific research to remote locations. A new spinoff TV show will cover the work, and this will feed into our social media platforms. Finally there will be an outreach tour calling to port cities for a period each year, giving our sponsors and investors opportunities to utilize the vessel, and increasing our reach and profile. Below are some project videos, including details on Design, and the images above will take you to other pages covering design, outreach, missions, and how you can own this vessel.

EARTHRACE-2, like her predecessor, will be a technology marvel, and one of the most awe-inspiring vessels the world has ever seen. Our video above discusses many of the things that make this boat so special.

EARTHRACE-2 hull form has been extensively tested using computer modelling. The simulation above has her traveling at high-speed in 30m (100ft) seas. Such tests allow us to accurately predict loads in extreme conditions, that in turn drive designs.


The most obvious thing about EARTHRACE-2 will be her form – One of the most awe-inspiring vessels the world has ever seen. More than that however – she will be a technology showcase of the latest in maritime and surveillance hardware. This includes Schiebel S100 Drone with 200nm range, ELINT electronic detection system, FLIR thermal Imaging, a helm resembling that of a modern plane, FC470 Milpro zodiac, 10m amphibious RIB (launched astern from a roll-off platform), and a 30-person theater / briefing room.

The hull form has been extensively tank-tested in Melbourne (Australia) under various displacement and thrust conditions, allowing accurate predictions of final vessel performance. Video above was from one of these tests.

The above animation was rendered from the 3D CAD files used in doing computer modelling of vessel performance. She is 3 stories high, however final layout may still evolve somewhat.

Above are low-res CAD files of the current design. Hi-Res CAD files can downloaded here.

Based on a World Record Holder
EARTHRACE-2 is based on the original Earthrace, a 24m trimaran that set a new world record (that still stands today) for circling the globe, running 100% biodiesel fuel. In 2009 she went to Antarctica and became the star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars TV Series. Earthrace set the benchmark for uncompromising focus on efficiency, functionality and awesome good looks. EARTHRACE-2 is looking to repeat this, but with a much bigger vessel that will take things to a completely new level, and change the way the world views conservation campaigns.

* Design: Tri-Hull Wavepiercer
* Construction: Sandwich composite
* Length: 59.3m (195 ft)
* Beam: 12m (39ft)
* Crew: 14
* Passengers: 12 in addition to crew
* Accommodation: 26 people
* Staterooms: 5
* Range 10,000nm at 12 knots
* Briefing Room / Theater (30 person)
* Tender Vessel: 10m (35ft) Amphib RIB
* Designer: LOMOcean Design Ltd
* Build Time: 24 months

The main role of EARTHRACE-2 is working alongside existing agencies on significant conservation missions such as fisheries enforcement, and waterborne wildlife smuggling. This is a continuation of current campaigns. In selected cases we will assist conservation missions such as pest eradication from islands, or scientific research programs to remote seamounts. These may be where the vessel is in a given area, and can take on additional tasks without excessive expense. A key element in long-term success is the vessel and her crew must do outstanding work. It is all very well having an amazing boat, but in order to garner public support, the work she does is crucial. Selected missions will be filmed as part of a new spinoff TV Show, highlighting important conservation issues, and the many teams working to save our precious wildlife. Social media content will be delivered daily.


We are offering Investors full or partial ownership of EARTHRACE-2. Our team needs the vessel for a period each year to run conservation missions and outreach, but outside of this, an Investor may have the fully crewed vessel for their own private use. Our preference is for a single Investor who would put in around US$10m, however it may be possible to split this among up to 5 Investors. Either way, we are offering individuals the chance to own a piece of history that will make the world a better place. You get an Iconic boat that has its own TV show, Social Media platform, and that will be famous. You are not stuck in any one area, but rather you can enjoy your vessel almost anywhere around the globe. You don’t need to worry about crew – We take care of crew, maintenance and upkeep. You just need to inform us when you’d like of the vessel, and we’ll make her available.

The design is not totally locked in – We are willing to work with you in ensuring the staterooms and other areas meet your expectations, while ensuring we get an operationally effective vessel. EARTHRACE-2 is a world-class expedition vessel offering its owner adventures to the world’s remotest areas, entertainment in the world’s greatest cities, and a profile un-matched in the superyacht industry. She will combine looking after her owner with saving the world’s endangered wildlife. If you’d like to know more then please email Captain Pete

We recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for completion of the concept design. This raised over $90k from 700 backers, allowing us to develop an accurate budget to complete the build. The original Kickstarter video is below, and it is a good summary of Earthrace-2


For around 3 months each year, the vessel will be taken on an outreach tour, calling to port cities in the areas we operate. Tours are modeled on the original Earthrace campaign that saw our vessel host over a quarter-million people in 3 years, and featured in countless news items and stories. EARTHRACE-2 is ideal for hosting events, with a capacity of 200 guests in port, and 50 guests on day or evening voyages. The 30-person theatre is ideal for hosting school groups, press conferences or for public viewing of our many TV Episodes and video content. Musicians, celebrities and local heroes can be interviewed here in live broadcasts across our many platforms. Tour objectives and some proposed tour destinations are presented below.

Tour Objectives
1) Link with media and local dignitaries on arrival in port
2) Provide Investors and Sponsors with hosting opportunities
3) Participate in boat shows, festivals and maritime events
4) Vessel opened to the public on weekends and holidays
5) Vessel opened to School tours on week days
6) Host evening black tie events and fundraisers
7) Host local artists, musicians and celebrities for social media content
8) Increase public loyalty through public engagement
9) Raise revenues to contribute towards vessel costs

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