We are building an awesome new vessel “EARTHRACE-2” to substantially extend our work in marine conservation. It will target illegal fishing by foreign vessels, waterborne wildlife smuggling, and training local fishery enforcement units – All extensions of our existing campaigns. She will run conservation missions such as island pest eradication, and scientific research to remote locations. A new spinoff TV show will cover the work, and this will feed into our social media platforms. Finally there will be an outreach tour calling to port cities for a period each year, giving our sponsors and investors opportunities to utilize the vessel, and increasing our reach and profile. Below are some project videos, and the images above will take you to other pages covering design, outreach, missions, and how you can own this vessel.

Critical Success Factors:
1) The vessel must look amazing
2) We must do positive conservation work
3) We must be good at telling our story
4) Leverage from the outreach Tours
5) A long game building loyalty
6) Long-term Sponsor and Investor value

Kickstarter Campaign:
We recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for completion of the concept design. This raised over $90k from 700 backers, allowing us to develop an accurate budget and build time. The original Kickstarter video is below. Things have changed a little from then, although much of it is still relevant.

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