There are literally thousands of videos covering the many facets of Earthrace – From our record setting voyage of 2008, our television show, and all our missions and accomplishments in between. Below are a selection of videos covering some of these. There are also hundreds of others that can be accessed via the youtube playlists, the links for which are also below. Also below are some playlists Below is the trailer for Season I of “The Operatives”, plus clips from all 8 episodes. Missions include shark finning, illegal gold mining, turtle poaching, illegal bottom trawling in a marine reserve and more. The bottom video is the epic pilot episode that you can watch for free. You can buy all 18 episodes here.

The trailer for Season I of “The Operatives”. Missions in Africa and Central America, including the epic Namibia Seal Clubbing campaign.

Pete and Jack sneak into a heavily guarded African diamond mine to capture footage of the Namibian seal clubbing. Nothing could prepare them for the brutal ending.

Using a military drone, the Operatives try and catch the captain of an illegal trawler operating in a Marine reserve. Little did they who the Captain would be.

The team get into a gunfight tracking illegal gold miners. Jack and Bryce are sent out to train on a crazy flying machine and end up in a perilous crash.

After spotting illegal miners from the sky, the team repel into one of the most intense rain-forests on the planet. The team end up in yet another gunfight.

The team is on the track of illegal turtle poachers. Pete meanwhile gets to witness one of the most extraordinary turtle events in history.

The team sneaks into the heart of illegal fishing but the mission is much more challenging than anyone ever envisaged. Pete ends up going missing at sea.

Using military rebreathers, the Operatives sneak into a dock run by the Taiwanese mafia to tag illegal shark finning vessels.

The team tracks illegal shark finning vessels all the way to Cocos Island. The 300 nautical mile voyage is just the start of this horrendous mission.

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