Our Campaigns or work can be split into 6 main categories below.  Clicking on the heading will take you to the individual pages:

Anti-Poaching Missions
These involve the surveillance, capture and arrest of Poachers involved in illegal killing or trafficking of wildlife. Included with this are wildlife smuggling missions that target the criminal gangs involved in purchasing protected or endangered animals and traffic them to buyer countries such as China and Viet Nam. These missions are normally run in conjunction with legitimate agencies responsible for enforcement, or in some cases such as in Sumatra recently, we work with a local NGO recognised by the Government.

Fisheries Enforcement Missions
These missions may be estuarine, coastal or offshore. We undertake Surveillance and Tracking of suspect vessels, boarding missions, and the search and seizure of Vessels and catch. These missions are normally run alongside legitimate enforcement agencies. In some cases we may also partner with NGOs that have local knowledge and expertise.

Habitat Destruction Missions
While the bulk of our work is involved with animals or fish, we do sometimes undertake missions where the damage caused is more to the environment in general. These include such things as illegal logging, illegal mining and Illegal burn off. We will normally work with legitimate enforcement Agencies, or in some cases with local NGOs.

Animal Welfare Missions
We have only done a few of these missions. They will normally involve the rescue of an animal that may be held illegally, or that is held in very poor conditions. We have also run one mission to expose what we considered to be an unacceptable level of cruelty, which was the clubbing of baby seals. These missions have thus far been run with the cooperation of local NGOs.

Local Campaigns
Local campaigns are generally run by individual chapters, and may include Beach / River Cleanups, Publicity Campaigns, School Visits, Government Lobbying or Petitions. Chapters will determine their own issues and as long as they fit within the general goals of Earthrace and can be funded locally, the team is free to pursue them. We will also often support other NGOs who have actions we believe are worthy of support.

Local Unit Enforcement Training
Our team has amassed a significant number of missions that have given us a good understanding of anti-poaching, wildlife smuggling, illegal fishing and habitat destruction crimes. Combined with this, our team includes a number highly-trained military personnel that help make us operationally effective. In many of the above missions, we look to run joint training exercises with local enforcement units and NGOs before deploying on actual missions with them. Training is 2-way, with both teams expected too improve in overall knowledge and skill set.

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