Mission – Illegal Gold Miners

Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica has a significant problem with Illegal Gold Mining. Such operations are very destructive on delicate Jungle ecosystems – the chemicals destroy waterways, there is erosion in areas where mining occurs, and local wildlife is killed to supply the miners with food. We flew over the National Park in a Paramotor and gathered intelligence on suspected illegal mining camps. We hired a local UH1H helicopter and trained the local enforcement team in safe rappel operations. Combined teams were then flown into the jungle where they rappelled to the ground. Over 3 missions, 2 illegal mining operations were closed down, plus a lone miner was also arrested. The missions were jointly conduced with MINAE, SINAC and Earthrace.

Mission – Illegal Loggers

Illegal logging is rampant in many parts of the World, but one of the worst areas is South Sumatra. In 2 separate covert missions, our teams infiltrate the jungle at night, and then filmed and photographed multiple illegal logging operations. This campaign was initially planned with the Ministry of Forestry, however it soon became apparent their main objective was to keep us away from areas where illegal logging was happening. We subsequently ran the mission independently, gathered the evidence, and handed it over to authorities. We have since been running an online petition asking the government of Indonesia to halt this illegal trade.

Mission – Illegal Habitat Destruction

Our missions tend to be focused on Anti-Poaching and Fisheries Enforcement, however the habitat destruction missions have been particularly rewarding. We will continue to develop these missions as we move to new areas of operation.

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