Mission – Rhino Poachers

A recent mission was with the Leuser Conservation Forum in Sumatra, where we patrolled into the Leuser Jungle, an area home to over half of the remaining 200 Sumatran Rhino. The mission saw the team head into the Jungle via riverboat. An area would be swept for snares and Poachers, then the team travel by boat to a new area, patrol that, and so on, over a period of weeks. Leuser is the largest Jungle the team has ever patrolled, and it bought home the magnitude of the problem in keeping out these very determined poachers. The mission was filmed and ended up in one episode of “The Operatives”.

Mission – Pangolin Poachers

Earthrace linked up with the government Wildlife Protection Team (PCSD) in the Philippines and targeted a criminal gang smuggling Pangaolin back to China. In one of the most satisfying missions to date, the team was successful in bringing down the gang. The Pangolin is a small anteater like animal that in recent years has become the world’s most illegally traded mammal. Most are sent to China and Vietnam to be used in traditional medicines. It has reached crisis point in the Philippines where they are now critically endangered.

Mission – Turtle Nest Poachers

During Turtle breeding season in many parts of the World, locals will illegally take the eggs from freshly lain nests. The team assembled in Costa where we partnered with the NGO Pretoma who have been battling turtle nest poaching for many years. A number of poachers were caught during the mission. We have since started a volunteer program in Costa Rica where we patrol beaches throughout the nesting season.

Who we work with on Anti-Poaching Missions and Why

Earthrace conducts joint anti-poaching missions with NGOs and government enforcement agencies in various countries. Click here for a list of some NGOs and Government Agencies we have or are working with.  We provide training, manpower, tactical hardware and resource, and participate in the missions themselves. There are 3 main goals in these missions
* The arrest and prosecution of people involved in poaching
* Telling the world what is happening in poaching through our TV Series and other media
* Increase in skill level of both teams through combined training efforts.

Future Anti-Poaching Missions

Anti-Poaching missions remain a key part of Earthrace. It is an area that we have developed key skill sets in addressing, and where we can add significant value to NGOs and government agencies we partner with. The team will be heading to Africa soon to commence anti-poaching missions there. We will also pursue increased involvement in breaking Wildlife Smuggling Crime Syndicates.
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