Training Local Enforcement Teams

Earthrace has trained a number of different Local Enforcement Agencies responsible for Anti-Poaching, Wildlife Protection or Fisheries Enforcement.  The training is normally run jointly, and where we have definite areas of expertise that can be passed on to local units.  Our team includes Operatives drawn from US Navy SEAL, US Marine Recon, French SAS (1-er) and other units.  Not all teams we work with need training, but in most joint missions we find prior training helps develop more cohesiveness within the team, while also giving both sides an understanding of respective SOPs.  There are also areas where our own team benefit from the Local Unit’s expertise, and this allows us to improve our own operational effectiveness, and in turn, pass this on to other units in the future.

Training Options include:

Hostile Vessel Boarding
Vessel Search and Seizure Operations
Personnel Search, Arrest and Detainment
Evidence Gathering and Handling
Zodiac, RIB, Sealegs Amphibious Operations
Drone Surveillance
Urban Surveillance
Coastal Surveillance
Tactical Weapons Training
Asset Tracking
Rappel, Fast-Rope Operations
Tactical Driving
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