Season 2

Below is the trailer for Season II of “The Operatives”, plus clips from all 10 episodes. Missions include wildlife smuggling, rhino poaching, illegal logging, dynamite fishing and more. The bottom video is the epic Dolphin Rescue mission that you can watch for free. You can buy all 18 episodes here.

The trailer for Season II of “The Operatives”. Jaw dropping missions in the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

The team attempts to rescue a dolphin that was captured and held illegally in an Island Resort in Indonesia, but the mission seems destined to fail.

The team closes in on criminal gang smuggling turtles from the Philippines to China. Catching them with the turtles however proves almost impossible.

The team have a warehouse under surveillance, and stumble into a wildlife smuggling ring. No one could prepare them for where it would lead.

The team enters a National Park where illegal logging is rampant. The mission is almost over before it has begun, when corrupt Police Officials arrive on the scene.

The team enters Sembilang National Park following a hunch about illegal logs. They are about to give up the mission when they hear chainsaws off in the distance.

The team heads into Sumatra where Rhino Poachers are active. Finding them in such a massive jungle though is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The team chases dynamiter and cyanide fishing operations, but struggle getting intelligence in what becomes an increasingly dangerous mission.

A remote tropical Island is rumored to have a lost population of tigers. The Island however is under Chinese rule, and just getting there proves almost impossible.

The team enters the disputed Spratley Islands, and discovers a Vietnamese fishing vessel with over 15 ton of illegally taken fish.

The team films the Chinese military buildup in the disputed Spratley Islands, a territory claimed by the Philippines.

This is the original Season II trailer we cut for Pivot, our US network.

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