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Amazonian pink dolphins are not bait fish! Sign our petition

The pink dolphins living in the Amazon River, iniageoffrensis, are the most endangered cetaceans on the planet, and yet they are being used as bait fish.

Even worse, the way these pink dolphins are killed is horribly cruel. They are speared or stabbed then, while still alive, tied to trees or boats for days so that chunks of their flesh can be removed for bait as required.

Why is this happening?

In Colombia, the appetite for a local catfishknown as ‘capaz’ has caused Columbia’s riverfisheries to collapse, leading to a severecatfish shortage. To meet local demand, and make massive profits, Colombian fishmongers import a fish called ‘piracatinga’ and rename it capaz to sell it.

Opportunistic Brazilian fisherman catch piracatinga and sell it to these Columbian fishmongers, even though they will not themselves eat piracatinga because it has high mercury levels and is a scavenger fish that eats rotting flesh.

 When fish samples from grocery stores in Bogota were DNA tested, 80% of the samples were found to be mislabelled. They weren’t capaz; they were piracatinga.

To catch piracatinga, fishermen use pink dolphin flesh as bait. This fish fraud causes the deaths of over 1500 Amazonian pink dolphins a year.

The protection in place for pink dolphins isn’t working

Although the Amazonian pink dolphin is currently listed on the ICUE red list as ‘data deficient’, it isbelieved to be the most endangered of all cetaceans on earth.  

Brazil has laws against killing the pink dolphin, and there is a moratorium on piracatinga fishing until 2018, but enforcement is difficult and illegal poaching of both pink dolphin and piracatinga continues.

The only way to stop the killings is to stop the fish fraud. Sign the petition below!

More about the Amazonian pink dolphin

This unique dolphin lives in freshwater andhas 40% more brain capacitythan humans! It is one of the most important species of the Amazon River, for both tourism and biodiversity.

In Brazil the future of Amazonian pink dolphins is threatened by dynamite fishing, mercury poisoning from gold mines, dams, fishing nets and boat traffic. But thebiggest

threat by faris being hunted by illegal fishermen seeking asource of free bait to catch piracatinga.

Dead Pink Dolphin
To: The Minister for the Environment 


 This petition will put pressure on the Colombian Government to help save pink dolphins. It demands this solution.

- That new laws enacted in Colombia be followed up with fish DNA and Mercury testing, with a corresponding identification labelling system that can be implemented and monitored from the fish processing level to the retail level.

The introduction and enforcement of this measure will reduce, and hopefully eliminate the decimation of Amazonian Pink Dolphins.

 We urge you to sign. The planet’s most endangered dolphin needs your help.


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