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Tribe members are the Backbone of Earthrace Conservation.  They Volunteer on missions, campaigns, and in running our Operations.  They get to crew on our vessels.  They assist in the Outreach program that will follows our new Vessel Earthrace-2.  They also contribute financially with a monthly donation.  Click HERE for more details.

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One of the most valuable ways to support us is to make a donation. Funds go towards missions, equipment, vessels, and many other things.  Or you can donate towards an area you feel most passionate about.  Donations are tax-deductible in USA, UK and New Zealand.  Click HERE to make a Donation.

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We love working with companies that have good Environmental credentials, and that have funds, goods or services that can help us in running our missions and filming our TV Series.  There are also a whole range of Sponsor Opportunities in the new boat Earthrace-2.   Click HERE more details.

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Register here for our E-News.  This comes out monthly, and keeps you up to date with all the good stuff we’ve got happening, including the development and build of Earthrace-2, The Operatives TV Series, and all the issues regarding Animals and Conservation that we and other groups are working on.   Click HERE to Register

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Help support us by Buying our TV Series “The Operatives.  18 Episodes of Awesome Animal and Conservation television, filmed in Africa, Central America and Asia.  These shows cover a diverse range of Animal and Conservation missions including Seal Clubbing, Captive Dolphins, Illegal Logging, Illegal Gold Mining, Shark Finning, Wildlife Smuggling and many more.  Click HERE to buy Series I and Series II

Amazonian pink dolphins are not bait fish! Sign our petition
The pink dolphins living in the Amazon River, iniageoffrensis, are the most endangered cetaceans on the planet, and yet they are being used as bait fish.Even worse, the way these pink dolphins are killed is horribly cruel. They are speared or stabbed then, while still alive, tied to trees or boats for days so that chunks of their flesh can be removed for bait as required. Click HERE

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