Govt / NGO Partners

Earthrace works jointly with a number of different government agencies and NGOs that are involved in Conservation, Wildlife Protection and Fisheries Enforcement. We may provide, personnel, training, tactical hardware, resource and expertise. If you would like us to assist you in the future on any Conservation or Animal Missions please email in the first instance. Below are details on some of the partners we have or are working with:

Government Agencies

MINAE – Marine Protection Agency (Costa Rica)
SINAC – Conservation Agency (Costa Rica)
PCSD – Wildlife Protection Agency (Philippines)
Coastguard – Maritime Security (Philippines)
Maritime Police – Fisheries Enforcement Agency (Philippines)
Ministry of Primary Industries – Fisheries Enforcement (Guinea)
Guinean Navy – Fisheries Enforcement (Guinea)
Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela – Fisheries Enforcement (Venezuela)
Bureau of National Fisheries – Fisheries Enforcement (Liberia)
Department of Conservation – Terrestrial Conservation (New Zealand)
Ministry of Primary Industries – Fisheries Enforcement (New Zealand)

Non Government Organisations (NGOs)

Pretoma (Costa Rica)
Jakarta Animal Aid Network (Indonesia)
The Coral Triangle Conservancy (Philippines)
Bonobo Conservation Initiative (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Reef Check (Global)
Trini Eco Warriors (Trinidad & Tobago)
Leuser Conservation Forum (Indonesia)
Walhi (Indonesia)
Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project
Oceana (Global)
Seal of Nam (South Africa)
Kapiti Island Nature Tours (New Zealand)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (USA)
Born Free (USA)

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