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The Operatives is an eighteen part TV Series (2 seasons) that follows famed eco-warrior Pete Bethune and his team of hand-picked military elite.

With the latest technical equipment and life-threatening missions, the team travels through Africa, Central America and Asia hoping to capture, prosecute and expose the environmental criminals who are destroying our world. There is no absence of challenges during the campaign. Boats are sabotaged, equipment is smashed and the team is crippled by an injury toll which leaves only a few left standing. It’s ‘James Bond’ meets ‘Captain Planet’ as the world’s most hard-core team of conservationists push themselves and their equipment to the very limit.

The series begins in Africa with a truly dangerous and inspiring journey that will leave mouths open. The team sneaks into an African Diamond mine to expose the secret seal clubbers and getting caught is not an option. The campaign then moves on to Central America, where a large lack of resource leaves many environmental laws left unenforced. Central America is not an easy place for running covert missions and big waves, huge storms and high winds leave the Operatives in a consistent battle to succeed. The team then heads to Asia where the team is again pushed to the very limit.

Come on a journey through some of the most beautiful parts of the planet as Pete’s team of extreme environmentalists take on the dangerous world of illegal poaching.
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