Season 2

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Season II Trailer

Episode 1: The Dolphin Rescue
The team learns of a dolphin that was capture and held illegally in an Island Resort. They decide the break the dolphin out and release it, but the mission seems destined to fail.

Episode 2: Turtle Trader Takedown
The team is hot on the heels of a criminal gang smuggling forest turtles from the Philippines to China. Catching them with the turtles however proves much more challenging than the team ever envisaged.

Episode 3: Smuggler Stakeout I
Stéphane and Phil have a smuggling operation under surveillance, while Pete, Matt and Tim are chasing Turtle Poachers in the North. They stumble over a vessel suspected of smuggling wildlife to China, and it becoems an all out effort to get a tracker on it before it leaves port.

Episode 4: Smuggler Stakeout II
The team have a Warehouse in the Philippines under surveillance, and it soon becomes apparent they are smuggling endangered wildlife. Getting a search warrant however is no easy task, let alone busting the Chinese Nationals running the Operation.

Episode 5: Lawless Loggers I
Phil and Tim try entering an Indonesian National Park where illegal logging is thought to be happening. Yet the mission is almost over before it has begun when corrupt Police Officials arrive on the scene.

Episode 6: Lawless Loggers II
Pete and Stéphane enter Sembilang National Park in Indonesia following a hunch about illegal logs. The swamp, mosquitoes and humidity grind the 2 down. Then they run out of water. They are about to give up when they hear chainsaws off in the distance.

Episode 7: Last of the Rhinos
Pete, Matt an Tim head into a remote Jungle in Sumatra where Rhino Poachers are active. Finding them in such a massive jungle though is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Episode 8: Sea of Cyanide
Phil and Stéphane chase Cyanide Fishermen on Palawan, while Pate, Matt and Tim head North of Manila in search of dynamite fishermen. Both teams struggle getting intelligence in what becomes an increasingly frustrating mission.

Episode 9: Tiger Island
Bethune gets intelligence on a remote Island rumored to have a lost population of tigers. The uninhabited Island however has recently come under Chinese rule and they are determined to keep foreigners away.

Episode 10: Standoff in the South China Sea
The team heads out into the South China Sea, and into the middle of a Political standoff between the Philippines and China over the Spratly Islands. They also discover a fleet of vessels fishing illegally, and decide to go after them.

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