Videos: The Operatives – Season II

In Season II of “The Operatives”, the team travels to Asia where they undertake a series of challenging Animal and Conservation missions. Below are some clips taken from the show. The full series can be purchased here                                                                                                   

Turtle Trader Takedown

Dolphin Release

Wildlife Smugglers

Wildlife Smuggling Sting

Elephant Graveyard

Out of Water

Boarding Wildlife Smuggler

Chinese Coastguard Chase

15 Ton of Illegal Fish

The Tiger Mission

Dynamite Fishing

Behind the Scenes - Rhino Poaching

Behind the Scenes - Palm Oil

Unofficial Trailer for Series 2

The Captive Dolphin Trade

Pangolin Smuggling

Orangutan and Palm Oil

Baby Orangutan

The World's biggest Fish

Baby Sumatran Rhino

Illegal Pet Trade

Finding the Elusive Tiger

Ollie The Pangolin

Seal Clubbing Raw Footage

Season II Trailer (Official)


Videos: The Operatives – Season I

Season I of “The Operatives”, was filmed in Africa and Central America. Below are some clips taken from the show. The full series can be purchased here

Shark Finning on Takepart Live

Our Best Trailer

Closed Circuit Rebreather Mission

Pilot Episode Clip

Namibia Press Conference

How to bust Shark Finners

The Operatives Sizzle Reel

Mickey Mouse Sizzle

Original Start Sequence

TV3 News - Pirate Fishing

Seal Clubbing Footage

Conservation and Animal Videos

Below are a sample of our Conservation videos taken from all corners of the globe

Channel Intro

Volunteer on Turtle Campaign

One of World's Rarest Birds

Marine Disaster in New Zealand

Amazing Whale Barnacles

Manitee Madness

The Mutant Turtle

Turtle Laying Eggs

Hector Dolphin Killers

How to Stop Whale Slaughter

Testing Woodburner Efficiency

Coon Patrol

Vegetarian Versus Meateater

Shark Stanley

Plastic in the Ocean

Whalefest in London

Luckiest Pangolin in the World

Illegal Logging

Illegal Turtle Trade

Turtle Poachers

Illegal Gold Miners

Captain's Vlog 3

Catching Illegal trawlers

UAV Test Flgiths

Sealegs Sea Trials

Amphib Sea Trials

Night Training

Pete's new girlfriend

Freediving with World Champion

Pete gathering mussels

Kayak Adventure

Wetsuit Tests

Saving Turtles

Pete at Cross Fit

The Flare

Local Campaigns and News

Earthrace is involved in a number of local campaigns around the world. In many cases this is by local Chapters. Or in others it may be Bethune or team members who travel to locations to work on issues, often with local NGOs. Below are a sample of videos.

Storming Sequarium

The Best Dolphin Rally Ever?

one on one

Carte Blanche News

Canadian Seal Protest

Japan Dolphin Rally

Earthrace at Marth's Vineyard

Dolphin Letter to Embassy

Anti-Whaling Videos

In 2009 / 2010 the vessel “Earthrace” was renamed Ady Gil, and taken to Antarctica as part of a Sea Shepherd Campaign. The videos below give a very brief history of some of what happened to Bethune and the rest of the team. The first link below is the full Episode 14 from Whale Wars Season 3 which gives a very good overall summary

Whale Wars Full Episode (S3-EP14)

Bethune on Jay Leno

Earthrace becomes the Ady Gil

Ady Gil Rammed

Bethune boards Shonan Maru

TV News

Media Scrum at Airport

Full Press Conference - Japan

TV3 News after Release

Paul Watson comments

Morning News

60 Minutes Interview

Talk with Ady Gil

Rutger Hauer Message to Pete

Our Backyard Music Video

Tribute to Ady Gil

What makes our boat so cool

News Videos

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